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The Royals:

Prince William interview prior to his wedding with Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton interview prior to marriage with Prince William.

Kate and Will: first interview after getting engaged.

Princess Diana interview about the possibility of someday becoming Queen of England.

Charles and Diana talk wedding plans with the press.

Other Celebrity Profiles:

Anderson Cooper attempt to demean Andrew Wakefield.

Deepak Chopra about religion.

Don Imus on Al Sharpton's show apologizing for comments he made about the Rutgers team.

JZ Knight about his failing health.

Lady GaGa on Geraldo at Large: Says NO to sex?

Madonna about her voice-over role in the animated movie Arthur and the Invisibles.

Mel Gisbon rant about Oksana's fake boobs and provocative clothes.

Oprah about drawing the part in The Color Purple to her.

Paris Hilton: "Hefner is Hot."

Ramtha on being "the enlightened one."